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We are glad to be able to offer these musical ministry resources for your benefit of blessing.

Simple Faith 1.jpg
On The Other Side

Recorded in 2014, featuring covers of songs from Casting Crowns, Steve Green, and others. Also featuring a duet with daughter, Heather. Full track listing available on product page.

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Gospel Concerts

These musical events are prayerfully crafted to warm the hearts of Believers and reach the heart of the un-Believer through telling the Story of Salvation through song. If you would like to host a Gospel Concert with Ears to Hear, please get in touch.

Simple Faith - Double CD

Double CD featuring original songs from Stuart's 1985 and 1991 albums (originally cassette), "Filled With Your Love" and "Stay With Me". Full track list available on product page.

On The Other Side 1.jpg
One More Song

Recorded alongside Simon Cheatle, featuring covers of songs from The Gaithers, Mark Lowry, Bob Carlisle, and others. Full track list available on product page.

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