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The Broken Pastor

IF YOU'RE MISSING IN ACTION BECAUSE OF CHURCH-INFLICTED WOUNDS OR IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE WHO IS - THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. So many pastors are hurting, seeming to be constantly on the verge of quitting, feeling like failures, having the last embers of self-worth kicked and stamped out of them, also contending with the added burdens of guilt in themselves and censure from their denominations if they were ever to admit to and express these things. No matter the identity of pastor, location, or church, for the pastor, in particular, who read, it is himself he is reading about, where he is, how he is - 'BROKEN'! This book is not only for pastors - 'broken' or otherwise. It is the prayer-filled hope and working intention of the writer that also reading these words will be Church Board members along with the wider congregation. This is a book for the whole church! In a world where 'broken' things are not so much fixed as rubbished and discarded, no longer regarded as being useful, 'The Broken Pastor' still works!

Getting Ready For Revival

Pervaded by the stench of self-satisfaction, self obsession, and self-justification, the Church in the West, overcome by its culture, finds herself in an ailing condition very few seem to want to mention, never mind confront to correct. Biblical imperatives often go unheeded in the pew, largely because they are unsounded from the pulpit, as we live out our own dark and more sinister version of the Emperors New Clothes. Drawing primarily from the scriptures, along with other revival writers such as Finney, Tozer, Ravenhill, Getting Ready For Revival seeks to stimulate our minds out of our ignorance of God's Word and stir our hearts over our forgetfulness of God, returning us to the wells we did not dig (Deut. 6:10-12) of God's provision and insistence that we may not die in the graves our own wells are.

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